Cordell has the rare gift of coaching baseball technique – catching, hitting, pitching, – with remarkable simplicity, clarity, wisdom, and maturity. As a result, students are able to absorb baseball technique at an accelerated rate, thereby rapidly improving both the student’s ability and belief in himself.

His calm, confident, and positive demeanor is an inspiration to aspiring youth, who want to learn the ‘art’ of baseball, and go to the next level. They will gain an ‘insiders’ appreciation to what it really takes to get to the professional level.

I would count your son fortunate if he is able to spend time with this inspirational coach.

Best Regards,

Steve and Deborah Halverson

Baseball teachers and coaches in San Diego don’t come any finer than Cordell Hipolito. His ability to communicate with young people is exceptional. Because of his own talent and expertise; and his non-
threatening way of helping them improve, they listen to him and they get better at the sport. I think they also respond to him because he believes in them and instills a quiet confidence in their own ability to execute the game. His instruction to and support for my son significantly contributed to the extension of his baseball career to the college level. More than that, I have watched Cordell build and develop his Golden State Training concept. He can see talent where others do not. He regularly puts together great “ad hoc” groups of players and turns them into effective and winning teams. And I believe they win, not only because they were pretty good to begin with, but also because they like playing for him. Simply put, he brings out the best in players and after all, isn’t that what a good coach should be about?

Thanks Cordell, you have made a positive difference in a lot of lives and your influence goes way beyond baseball into that other game; the one of life. You model the leadership that all young people need to learn, about hard work, developing discipline, working with others and living a life of continuous improvement. Where I come from, that’s a Home Run.

Andy Koczon parent

Cordell has a knack for developing talent, and his true gift is getting the most out of the players he mentors. He is a teacher in the purest sense and it has been a pleasure having had the opportunity to work along side him. You have to see him work to really appreciate his teaching ability.

Ed Herrmann
Former Major Leaguer
Scout, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Having been on the recruiting trail for several universities, I can attest to the keen eye that coach Hipolito has for talent. He has a sense of where a player’s ability places him presently, and a sense of what kind of potential a player can develop into. He has been a reliable source of feedback in my search for Division I caliber players.

TJ Merritt
Assistant Coach
Indiana State University

Coach Hipolito was my pitching coach in junior college. His patience, and willingness to put in extra hours with not just me, but others on the pitching staff is a characteristic that garnered instant respect from all the players. He knew in which direction to guide us to get us to the next level, and his dedication to that task goes unquestioned. He is a very knowledgeable instructor, and I know that I have taken his teachings and incorporated them in my programs.

Kenneth Hackney
Milwaukee Brewers

Cordell Hipolito is the rare individual who has the ability to communicate his extensive knowledge of pitching and hitting so that kids get it. Cordell’s enthusiastic instruction, positive outlook, and ever present smile build ability and a confidence between the lines that transfer to everyday life. As a coach, mentor, and friend to my son, I trust him emphatically.

Grateful Dad, Mike Myers

My son Ryan was ten years old playing youth baseball when he told me he wanted to be a pitcher. I said no problem, “Dad can teach you how.” Well I taught my son how to throw the ball and he was very “inconsistent” in pitching strikes until we met Coach Cordell Hipolito. Coach Cordell has given my son Ryan pitching lessons for the past five years. And from the beginning, Coach Cordell was able to connect with Ryan which made it very enjoyable for Ryan while he was taking these lessons learning about the “mechanics” of pitching. Those mechanics have helped him to be very consistent in pitching strikes. As he is preparing to try out for his high school baseball varsity team (as a sophomore) he feels very confident about his ability. Thanks to Coach Cordell my son has had much success through out his little league career helping his teams win multiple championships, and MVP on several of his teams due to his pitching. I can’t wait to see how he performs in high school. “Play Ball!” Thank you, Coach Cordell.

Rene Alamos

Cordell Hipolito’s talent for coaching is second to none. His manner is gentle and his eye is keen. As a former professional ball player, Cordell is able to quickly isolate flaws in a player’s mechanics and break it down for them step by step, instructing the girls in a manner that is both positive and easy for them to understand. Cordell has developed a wonderful rapport with our girls. They want to come to practice. They want to succeed. He instills in our girls confidence and teaches them respect and responsibility, all the while never losing sight of the fact that the softball diamond should be a fun and safe place for our girls to grow and learn, as both athletes and young adults. Although Cordell has only worked with San Diego Thunder for a short time, I have already seen a marked improvement in our girl’s individual play as well as our overall performance as a team. San Diego Thunder is better for Cordell being a part of us.

Carol Patterson – Parent