Here We Grow for 2015

In order to better serve all the needs of our athletes we will beginning new programs for 2015. We will be incorporating on-field training, strength and conditioning, and speed and agility training in partnership with several leagues and facilities around San Diego. Look for our clinics and training sessions beginning in January 2015.

Also new for 2015 will be our Membership program. Member benefits include free or discounted fees for clinics and lessons. It is our goal to make high quality training available to as many athletes as possible. We have a membership plan that will fit everyone’s budget!

IBL Session III Winding Down, Session IV Marks the Start of Individual and Small Group Sessions

Please contact us to sign up for Session IV. Instruction and Clinics will take place twice per week. Athletes can choose to participate in up to 5 hours of instruction per week, or as little as 30 minutes. It’s all up to you!

Session III ends today and Session IV begins next Thursday.  I hope to see you all there! 

Get Better Now. Keep Getting Better.


Coach Brandon Hennesey pitching coach at the University of Texas at Pan American a D-1 in the WAC Conference will Be at San Ysidro High School Monday September 15th at 4 PM.  They are looking for any Seniors who will clear clearing house or any underclassman who you feel are D-1 prospects.  A type of showcase style will be used to evaluate.  Pitchers will pitch to 3 Batters in scrimmage style game.  If you have any questions please contact Ken Canche’ Head Baseball coach at San Ysidro High School.

Ken Canche’
Head Baseball Coach
San Ysidro High School


Our New Online Scheduler is Now Available

Let’s avoid the phone, email, and text carousel from now on! Our new online scheduler can be found on the sidebar of our website, as well as on our Facebook page. Now you will have access to our instructors and their available days and times so you can match your schedule. It’s fast and convenient!

Happy scheduling!

Best of Luck To Everyone!

It’s that time of year again.  I’d like to wish all our athletes good luck in your regionals, ToC, All Stars, and high school championships.  Grind it out and go get’em!  We will see you after you get a couple weeks rest after your season.  Remember, rest is as important, especially at this time of the year, as your training.  Please give your bodies and minds time to heal and unwind.  You’ll undoubtedly be pressured to move directly into travel/club ball but do yourself a favor and get your rest first.  A couple weeks rest can prevent months of injury recovery and rehab.

There’s No I in Team…

…and there’s no Team in Club baseball…My observation is that there is a negative side effect stemming from club/travel ball.  The focus of club baseball is to promote and showcase players to scouts and colleges.  The focus is on the INDIVIDUAL and less on team accomplishments.  That ‘me first’ outlook has crept into high school baseball.  High school baseball used to be about school pride. It used to be about representing your community. Those days are over folks.  Players now want to know what their high school team can do for them rather than proudly representing their school and community.  It’s not uncommon for kids (families) to move to a different community to play in a baseball program that will better serve them as an individual player.  The concept of TEAM has been tarnished by an ever growing population of “I guys”. 
Can you imagine a soldier going to his commanding officer and telling him where his post should be? Or a soldier changing alliances because one military agrees to make him an officer?  Does a clerk in the mailroom tell the CEO what to do?  Does an orderly tell a surgeon what to do?  Only in high school baseball (more likely other sports, too) is it acceptable for a subordinate to dictate what he will do for the team.  We are setting these kids up for failure.  They’ll be in for a shock when they come across real adversity in life.  They’ll blame others and will not have the skill set to handle adversity in a healthy manner.  Then we will all suffer. And we will see them as victims and share in their blame when in reality we will have fostered their entitlement while stunting their ability to persevere.

I’m reminded of a scene from Remember the Titans: ” The world don’t give a damn about how sensitive these kids are…You ain’t doin’ these kids a favor by patronizing them. You crippling them; You crippling them for life.”

Let’s not cripple our kids, or the spirit of high school baseball.

SCIBL 2014 Calendar is Set

Session Schedule for SCIBL 2014 is:

Session I- July 16 – August 13
Session II- August 20 – September 17
Session III- September 24 – October 22
Session IV- October 29 – November 26

There will be two (2) workouts/games per week, 6 hours of instruction/games per week. Workouts will be on Wednesdays and *Saturdays. All workouts will be held at Hickman Field in Clairemont unless otherwise noted.

*As the summer progresses games may be played on Sundays in lieu of the Saturday workouts.

For more information and to register, please email Please download and complete the 1) player data form, 2) parental permission/medical release form. You may mail forms and payments together.

Lions & STaRS

Golden State Sports Training would like to wish all our players the best of luck during the Semifinals and Finals of the 2014 Lions Tournament.  Of the 71 local high school baseball teams that competed throughout 8 Divisions of the entire tournament, Golden State had athletes on 33 of the teams.  We have 25 athletes on 12 teams that are in today’s semifinals round.  Good luck to those 25 today!

I Will Not Say a Word

A father of a young man who I have watched work, grow, and improve while working out at the facility, said to me, ” we’ve been coming here for 5 years and not once have you stopped to give my son any help.” Now, the son, who was very good in high school, and equally good, if not better, in college, really didn’t need my advice. However, that’s not why I didn’t offer help to the player.  The reason is this. I do not believe it is my place to interfere with father-son time.  Knowledgeable or not, the satisfaction of a father helping his son are priceless moments that are best left for them to enjoy free from a stranger interjecting his opinion.  I prefer to honor the bonding time that a father has with his son when they are working together (most of the time) to get better at baseball. So Dads, enjoy your time with your son/daughter.  If you need to reach out for mentoring I’ll be here. Just ask. Otherwise, I will not say a word.

Good Luck This Season

The 2014 baseball and softball seasons are underway, as well as the college season and spring training. The staff at Golden State Sports Training wishes all our athletes the best of luck this year. Our home grown San Diego athletes span the country from the South; Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas and North Carolina, the Northeast in New York and Massachusetts, the Midwest; Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and North Dakota, and to the West; Washington, Oregon, and California.  Go get’em this year!

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