Welcome to Golden State Sports Training and Recruiting Service (STaRS)!

This organization was created as a synthesis of my passion for sports, and my desire to share my knowledge and experience to help student-athletes progress toward their individual goals. Although Golden State STaRS has its roots in baseball and fastpitch softball, I am sure that as you explore the site you will discover that much of our training applies to all athletes. The idea that evolving into a high-level athlete requires more than just specific sports skill is central to what Golden State STaRS is all about. High-level athletes have an understanding of how the dimensions of their life are interconnected and that an improvement in one area will positively affect other areas of their life, including athletic performance.

It is my goal, along with the great staff that I collaborate with, to develop athletes so that they experience growth and progress in more than athletic and academic aspects of life. Golden State Sports Training and Recruiting Service serves to mentor and guide our athlete’s total development.

Golden State Stars