Verified Velocity Videos Provides Accurate, Skill Assessment Friendly Format

V3 (2)Verified Velocity Videos ™ will be providing the video services for Golden State Sports Training athletes, and its Baseball Academy members.  After consulting with numerous college coaches, recruiters, and scouts, Verified Velocity Videos ™ has designed a video format that highlights an athlete’s skill set in a manner that recruiters can assess movements and actions, but also have real time verification of arm strength, pitch velocity, pitch movement, exit velocity off the bat, and running speed.  The Full Production package includes a recruiting consultation, filming session, editing, finished production, video marketing on Verified Velocity Videos ™ social media outlets, Golden State Sports Training social media outlets and website.  Athletes will receive a hyperlink with their video, a hard copy of the video, and a personal marketing packet to guide them through the most effective use of their video.

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Verified Velocity Videos

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