I Will Not Say a Word

A father of a young man who I have watched work, grow, and improve while working out at the facility, said to me, ” we’ve been coming here for 5 years and not once have you stopped to give my son any help.” Now, the son, who was very good in high school, and equally good, if not better, in college, really didn’t need my advice. However, that’s not why I didn’t offer help to the player.  The reason is this. I do not believe it is my place to interfere with father-son time.  Knowledgeable or not, the satisfaction of a father helping his son are priceless moments that are best left for them to enjoy free from a stranger interjecting his opinion.  I prefer to honor the bonding time that a father has with his son when they are working together (most of the time) to get better at baseball. So Dads, enjoy your time with your son/daughter.  If you need to reach out for mentoring I’ll be here. Just ask. Otherwise, I will not say a word.


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