3rd Annual Coach’s Clinic at Point Loma Little League

The 3rd Annual Coach’s Clinic for Point Loma Little League will be held this Saturday, February 1, at 3pm at the Point Loma Little League facility.  This year’s clinic will be a hitting clinic and will serve as a pre-cursor to this season’s academy sessions.  The clinic is free for managers, coaches, and any parents who plan on helping with coaching this season. 

The academy sessions this season will include hitting for the first time.  The previous two academies were pitching academies.  This year’s format will continue the pitching instruction as well as introduce a hitting model to assist managers in improving the overall hitting skill of all players.  The goal is to match, or exceed the improvement experienced on the pitching side.  That improvement was evident in PL’s 10 year old All-Stars extending their season with a long playoff run last season.

With the addition of a hitting academy, we hope to help extend the All-Star season for all Point Loma teams this season! 

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Golden State STaRS Collaborates with MLB and Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation

I am happy to announce that the staff has been chosen to head up the coaching for a free baseball clinic put on by MLB and the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation. 

The event is part of the RBI Program of Major League Baseball. RBI promotes baseball to inner city kids that lack the opportunity, i.e. fields, equipment, coaching.  The great game of baseball is eluding these kids and Golden State STaRS is happy to give back and bring baseball back to everyone! 

Grow With Us in 2014!

As we begin the New Year I’d like to take a moment to get everyone acquainted (or for some, reacquainted) with Golden State Sports Training.  You may see the instructors wearing variations of our logo.  The “STaRS” segment of the logo is an acronym for Sports Training and Recruiting Service.  The “recruiting service” portion was dropped because a few of our instructors, including myself, became coaches at NCAA institutions.  A coach cannot be affiliated with the NCAA while representing a recruiting organization so I dropped the “RS.”

As for our instructors, you would be hard pressed to find a coaching group with as many coaching accomplishments as the Golden State Sports Training staff.  Many of our former players are now coaching and are themselves instructors.  However, if you want to get your instruction straight from the source, come train with us.  You will discover why our athletes have gone on to be successful.  You will also discover a higher level of instruction. A level of instruction that goes beyond speaking oft repeated rhetoric and gets down to true instruction.  You’ve heard the rhetoric before….”hit through the ball”, “follow through”, “stay balanced”.  Our instructors go beyond these “baseballisms” and TEACH your athlete to execute skills, and UNDERSTAND their skills.  It is teaching at its core.  There is a reason why our athletes have loyally stayed with us, some for over 10 years!

I invite you, if you’re looking for the best in baseball or softball instruction, to sign up to work with our instructors.  Find out what others know.  Golden State Sports Training has the best instructors.