Golden State STaRS Characteristics of Leaders #3: Be Competent

Golden State STaRS Characteristics of Leaders #3: BE COMPETENT

Part of being an effective leader is leading by example. It’s no surprise that actions speak louder than words and to that end effective leaders must be good at what they do. Whatever your position is on the field, you have to possess a solid skill set and be a competent athlete in order to lead by example.

Practice, practice, practice, so you can polish your skills and have your teammates follow your lead.

New NCAA Academic Standards Effective 2016 But Applies to Class of 2015

The NCAA’s new eligibility standards for prospective student-athletes go into effect for the 2016 class but begin applying to this fall’s high school freshmen. To be eligible for a scholarship and compete at a Division I institution, a high school student must have done the following:
16: Number of core courses required for NCAA eligibility
10: Number of core courses that must be completed by the beginning of a high school athlete’s senior year
7: Number of 10 initial core courses that must be in English, math or science
2.3: Minimum GPA in those 16 core courses (up from 2.0)
2.5: Minimum GPA for junior college transfer
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