Looking forward to a great 2013!

It’s that time again.  Time to remember fondly our accomplishments, and to have learned from our mistakes from the passing year.  The new year is a new beginning, a fresh start.  I see the new year as an opportunity to improve, and anxiously await new challenges and adventures for 2013.

My first task…well, I’m doing it.  I want to keep you all regularly informed about the goings on with Golden State Sports Training, and our wonderfully talented corps of athletes.  Stay tuned because these athletes are moving toward great accomplishments!

Putting first things first (credit to Stephen Covey), I want to incorporate the teaching of leadership qualities to our athletes in a formal, organized manner.  Athletes inherently learn some leadership qualities from participating in sports, but I feel as though I owe our athletes more than that.  I feel as though if an athlete can learn and practice leadership traits, then those leadership traits will definitely improve their experience as an athlete, and more importantly, give them an advantage in life outside and beyond athletics.

In 2013, Golden State Sports Training will develop great athletes, as well as future leaders!

Stay tuned as I highlight the Golden State Sports Training model for Effective Leadership Characteristics.

Visit the site regularly in 2013 as there will be Skill Instruction Video Series as well.

Happy New Year!

Winter Baseball Camp, December 26th-28th at West Hills High School

Join us for this year’s winter camp.  Experience true teaching and coaching at its best!  Let us help your athlete reach their potential!