Victoria Yanitor named MVP of Bow Net USAPreps Nationals Tournament, Lancaster, California

Congratulations to Victoria “Tori” Yanitor for being named tournament MVP in leading her 18 Gold SD Rebels Softball Club to the championship of the 2012 Bow Net USAPreps Nationals November 8-11 in Lancaster, California.  Tori, a catcher from Steele Canyon High School, was “torrid” during the tournament putting up an incredible 18 for 22 performance at the plate that included 4 homeruns.

Congratulations Tori!  We are all proud of you at Golden State Sports Training!

Hello again! It’s been a long time!

Hello everyone!  My New Year’s Resolution for 2013 is to be diligent about posting content on the website to keep it updated, and to really create a following using the blog, and the Golden State Sports Training Facebook page.   A lot has happened since the last post.  ALL of our athletes are enjoying the fruits of their labor.  Many are off to play in college, some all-stars, and quite a few enjoyed a tremendous high school season racking up playoff victories, and post season accolades.  Congratulations to them all!

My newest project is the Southern California Instructional Baseball League.  The IBL was created to be the nation’s first and only source for REAL baseball training.  Recreational baseball offers games, but very little, if any instruction.  Travel Club baseball offers slightly more than Rec ball, but is more directed to tournament play, and a never ending cycle of baseball.  The IBL offers continual instruction in a real time, on-the-field format.  Instruction is individual, by position, by team, and covers skills, techniques, strategy, and game situation instruction.  This inaugural season has been very successful, and the staff and I expect the IBL to continue to grow.  The improvement in the athletes through this first IBL season has exceeded expectations fo all involved!  I look forward to getting better in 2013!

Stay tuned for more!