Spring Training is here!  Golden State STaRS would like to wish the best of luck, and the best of health to friends Amad Stephens (Wichita Wingnuts), John Jaso (Tampa Bay Rays), Jack Spradlin (Washington Nationals), and Johnny Lowe (Chicago White Sox).

On the home front, there are three upcoming events.  The Hitting School is going to be held at Stadium Golf Center & Batting Cages.  The Hitting School includes five consecutive one-hour sessions beginning March 30, 2009.  Separate sessions will begin March 30th, and April 1st.  Choose either a Monday night session, or Wednesday night session, which ever fits your schedule!

Softball Clinic: Santee ASA and Golden State STaRS are collaborating to put on a clinic on Friday April 10 and Saturday April 11.  The clinic will be held at Town Center Park near Rio Seco Elementary School in Santee.  The 2-day event will cover all aspects of the game of softball.  It is a great opportunity to learn cutting edge training techniques to help you improve your game this season!

FREE hitting clinic: Our next free hitting clinic will be held on Wednesday, March 18 from 6:30pm-8pm at Stadium Golf Center & Batting Cages.

For more information, or to register for an event, please see our “Upcoming Events” calendar.  Click on the event to get the details.   We welcome you to join us!  Get After It!

Golden State STaRS privileged to help with the Tom Logan IV Memorial Baseball Clinic

Some events put life into perspective.  The Tom Logan IV Memorial Baseball Clinic was held February 28, 2009 at the new and beautiful Lakeside National Little League complex.  Baseball was a big part of Tom’s life, and it was fitting to celebrate his life with the game he loved, and the family, friends, and players that loved him.  I had the privilege to be one of the coaches to honor his memory at the event.  The event had wonderful support from the community and from start to finish, it was clear that this was indeed a celebration of life.  I took a moment during one of the breaks to find some shade (it was 91 degrees in February!) in a spot slightly away from the center of the event.  I wasn’t able to see everything going on, but to hear the sound of kids laughing, music in the background, parents cheering and laughing, coaches barking out instructions, and the MC interviewing people in the stands…kids laughing…I thought it amazing that the event focused on everything of value in our lives.  Baseball is great, but on that day took a back seat to family, friends, community, and everyone reaching out to help one another. I believe the celebration of Tom Logan’s life was a success.   I want to express my gratitude to the Logan family, and to John Parsons for thinking of me and allowing me the privilege to help out in that great event.


There is a HITTING SCHOOL beginning March 30, 2009 at Stadium Golf Center and Batting
Cages.  The Hitting School is 5-weeks long.  Please see “Upcoming Events” for Registration and Details.

Golden State STaRS is putting on a fastpitch softball clinic at Santee ASA, Rio Seco Complex.  The event will be held April 11-12.  See “Upcoming Events” for Registration and Details.

Please check back for our next FREE HITTING CLINIC at Stadium Golf Center and Batting Cages.