2009: New Year, New Seasons, Better Training

2009 brings about an exciting time for Golden State STaRS.  I look forward to continuing to help in the development of our athletes, and I also am excited about working alongside new colleagues.  I had the opportunity to work a camp over the winter which allowed me to share training ideas, and learn training methodology from several MLB instructors.  The sports performance ideas I learned are fantastic and I cannot wait to learn more and to apply those training principles to our athletes.  It also never fails to amaze me that after all my years of coaching and teaching, that I get so fired up about getting an opportunity to learn even more.  Working with high level coaches also provides an affirmation in seeing alot of the same training methods we use on our young athletes being taught to professional athletes! I am continuing to build upon the already successful programs implemented by Golden State STaRS.

As our athletes approach their new competitive season, we are confident that they have put in all the effort and dedication to be successful this year.  No one sees the extra repetitions during their workout, no one witnesses how they would bear down and grind through tough days, days they really didn’t want to workout but some inner drive would allow them to do it.  No one sees them work out when all their friends decided to pass and take the day off from training.  What people will see are more improved athletes.  And people will say that they “sure did fill out since last year.”  People will see a faster, stronger, more skilled, and more agile athlete. People will see, but still not understand how it all happened.  Best of luck to all of you!  I’ll see you on the field!  Get After It!

Upcoming events:

February 8, 2009:  Coach’s Clinic, Chula Vista American Little League

February 28, 2009:  Inaugural Tom Logan IV Memorial Baseball Clinic

March 1, 2009:  Player’s Clinic, Chula Vista American Little League

TBA:  FREE HITTING Clinic @ Stadium Golf Center, San Diego