Evan Wadginski, Class of 2009, St. Augustine HS, R/R, MI

Please leave your comments on Evan’s skills displayed on his video.  His coach’s contact info is at the end of the video, but you can also leave contact info through info@goldenstatestars.com, put Evan Wadginski in the subject.

Thanksgiving Camp 2008

What a day!  I was fairly certain the campers were wondering what in the world they got themselves into when we started the day with a thorough dynamic warm-up, and agility drills.  Any question of what was going to happen to all the Thanksgiving leftovers were soon answered as the players stretched, bounded, zig-zagged, and sprinted their way to a renewed appetite.  After the kids were thoroughly warmed up and ready to go, their day was filled with professional throwing, hitting, infield, outfield, and baserunning instruction.  Our host, Head Coach Ryan Thompson of Scripps Ranch High School, has nothing to worry about as the youth in his area are quality players and people.  He may have to wait awhile for the hitter of the day, 5 year-old Alex Kopenhaver, to come through his program.  Don’t be fooled by Alex’s size…this guy has some hidden power! 

Much thanks to the the great instructors, Aaron Detty,  who is a collegiate coach at nearby San Diego City College, and to former professional player, and current Scripps Ranch High School assistant, Nick Crouch.  As usual, their instruction was top-notch.  Great job guys!  Let’s do it again next year!